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Please note that we are using SnapScan as our payment portal ( or EFT )

and that you need to load it as an app on your phone to finish the transaction.


Price: Free


Price: Free

All funds raised from passes sold are used to build and maintain trails. As such, these are OUR COMMUNITY trails and the more we raise, the better we can make them. With this in mind, the idea is that passes are not transferable. Buying one or two passes for several family members or friends to use when they need it defeats this object.

* Daily and weekly passes are also available at the start of most trails via Snapscan.

* These passes are valid on/ from date of purchase. Retain your Snapscan/E-mail/sms receipt to show if requested to do so

** Season passes run from 1 Dec to 30 Nov of the following year.

**Permit boards should be collected from the Breede Trading Post or Bent Head Pub. Please indicate your preferred collection point in checkout and wait a full working day before collection. Retain Snapscan/E-mail/sms receipt until you have collected.

Annual Season and Weekly passes can be bought direct from Breede Trading Post or Bent Head Pub.

To avoid confusion, please buy Patron Season Passes online only.