In the early 2000s, Niel Neethling, local farmer on the Potteberg farm, near Ouplaas, and keen Mountain biker, had the dream to set up trails on his farm and into the Potberg sector of De Hoop, adjacent to his farm. The trail he set up eventually incorporated what is now known as the Potteberg section, across his and adjacent farms, from the Potberg reserve entrance to Matjieskloof; the Olive farm loop which runs from the Infanta road, down to the river, through the olive farm and back to the main road; the Ziekenhuys climb, which runs up the Potberg and down a steep single track into the Potberg sector and back along the Potberg road to the Potberg entrance. This was then made available as the ‘long race’ in the Potberg MTB classic event under the auspices of the Pedal Power Association. Niel then arranged with all the land owners across whose properties the trail ran for the route to be open all year around, confirmed with Cape Nature that the Infanta riders could access Potberg from the Sandhoogte side and established a permit system for interested riders to be able to use these trails, following a code of conduct. The funds were used to offset some of the costs involved with building the trails (but by no means all! – Niel; we salute your determination and generous contributions of time, energy and private funding)

In 2014, it appeared that the Sandhoogte access would have to be closed. This prompted Xavier Zylstra and some of the interested Infanta riders to come on board and a meeting was set up with the Potberg manager of the time. An agreement was struck and a more formal permit form, code of conduct and permit system was set in place. Funding was arranged from PPA in order to add to permit income so that most of the remaining bridges required for the trails could be built and trails could be maintained. Many members of what was called the Potberg MTB club generously donated far more than their annual permit fees to assist in further bridge building and trail maintenance. Alex Mc Gregor was commissioned to see to regular trail maintenance. Then, in 2017 Gary Walters and Mike Minkley funded the building of two new trails near Infanta, after extensive negotiations with the relevant land owners, and the Kuhnskraal, Poortsrivier and Potato trail routes were added into the mix- all trails relatively close to Infanta and providing a mix of terrain and technical challenges. There was still the issue of Infanta riders having to ride a busy and dusty gravel road to these trails, though and, during 2018, a trail was negotiated from Infanta to the start of the Kuhnskraal trail across the farms between Infanta and Sandhoogte. This trail was generously commissioned and funded by Anthony Sedgwick, much of the trail traversing Sedgwick property.

Fast forward to late 2020- The club name has now been changed to the Potberg MTB trails, as there is not really any club activity, as such. Gary Walters and Shaun Sale kindly opted to assist Xavier, Niel and Mike with trail maintenance and administration duties and there are several possible new trails in the pipeline, as well as the improvement and upgrading of the existing trails. Shaun and Alex have put a great deal of effort into clearing and neatening up the Ziekenhuys climb and bridges burnt out during a fire near the Olive farm have been replaced. Our MTB trails are entering a new era!